Tree Cutting During Winter Season And Its Benefits Shared By Vancouver Tree Service

Thu Feb 14, 2019 - 4:55am UTC

Why landscaping and tree cutting are okay during the late winter

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Want to promote fast growth in the spring season? Need a helping hand getting your tree cut to maintain its health and structure? Many property owners are concerned that winter landscaping is terrible for their plants somehow, but some species of trees and plants may benefit from a good shaping in the cold.

Part of maintaining a tree is assessing its shape and structure. Winter months are great because with all the foliage having been swept away, professional staff is better able to evaluate and treat a tree. When tree cutting happens, arborists are attempting to identify parts of a tree that seems unhealthy, reaching out in directions that are unwanted, is injured by disease or pests, or may just need better structure. An unobstructed view lets landscapers quickly and efficiently identify these needs when branches are unobstructed.

Late winter is a great time for cutting trees back because the time for an exposed branch will be limited. There’s enough time for spring to step in, and start encouraging new branches to grow. During the late winter, trees are often still dormant as well and without their active growing season, won’t need to feel the loss of a rotten limb. At the end of winter, your tree might also be showing some wear from the heavy ice and snow that have built up. If this is the case, now is a great time to keep the most healthy and supported branches alive and cutting back on the damage from the season, if any.

The solid ground and dormancy provide quite a few benefits to cutting trees in the winter. Since many plants underneath a tree are dormant, this means less hazardous materials are obstructing a potential path or spot that an arborist is likely to use. A clear ground makes a great space to work efficiently and safely. Tree cutting can also get quite messy. While branches are treated with care to avoid serious injury, other pieces may come off and crush the foliage and plants below. During the winter, this potential threat is removed since most plants are trimmed back or without foliage any longer.

Need more information about how to improve your canopy and get ready to enjoy the outdoors? With spring just down the road, it’s time to start thinking about the kind of landscape you want to experience. Not just now, but a good tree cutting will ensure health and vitality for many more seasons to come.

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